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*Production Activities Of Ferro-Alloys In Kazakhstan For 2004
= Quantities Of Si-Mn And Fe-Si Are Reduced, Remaining Energy Is Utilized To Increase Fe-Cr Output
  Kazchrome of Kazakhstan is scheduled to reduce the quantities of silico-manganese and ferro-silicon to be produced in the calendar year ( January - December ) of 2004 and the remaining energy of electric power and electric furnaces is utilized to increase output of high carbon ferro-chrome.

  Kazchrome estimates the quantities of ferro-alloys to be produced by them in 2004 as follows : <> high carbon ferro-chrome : 780,000 tons, <> medium carbon ferro-chrome : 36,000 tons, <> low carbon ferro-chrome : 30,000 tons, <> silico-chrome : 42,000 tons, <> silico-manganese : 140,000 tons, <> ferro-silicon : 56,000 tons, <> chrome metal : 1,200 tons and <> total : 1,085,200 tons. Mr. Jim Cochrane, who is CEO of Alloy 2000 as the exclusive agent for sales of ferro-alloys produced by Kazchrome, mentioned the above quantities at The 2nd China International Ferroalloys Fair " 2004 " held in late September at Beijing.

  According to an information, Kazchrome has been proceeding from the second half of last year a program to shift several electric furnaces for silico-manganese to produce ferro-chrome and, consequently, the output of silico-manganese by Kazchrome in 2004 will decrease. Kazchrome produced 240,000 tons of silico-manganese in 2003 and, therefore, anticipates a considerable reduction of 100,000 tons in 2004. In the same case as that of silico-manganese, Kazchrome produced 80,000 tons of ferro-silicon in 2003 and, accordingly, forecasts a substantial decline of 24,000 tons in 2004. Kazchrome so far sold silico-manganese mainly in Europe and Russian but these sales in 2004 will decrease to a large extent.

  Kazchrome has been proceeding a plan to expand the capacity at present, which produces 850,000 tons per annum of high carbon ferro-chrome, by 400,000 tons per annum in the next 3 - 4 years. This project has aimed to maintain the position of Kazchrome as a leading producer of ferro-chrome in the world and to comply with a worldwide expansion on production of stainless steel. Kazchrome has adopted a policy to keep their strategical position for production of ferro-chrome in South Africa and to become a substantial producer of manganese ferro-alloys. Kazchrome has a budget to invest US$117.2 million in the Aksu plant during 2003 to 2007, by which Kazchrome mainly intends to reform and modernize the existing electric furnaces in order to increase their production of high carbon ferro-chrome.

  The background of chrome operations by Kazchrome is as follows ;

  (1)Donskoy chrome mine = (1-1 ) the largest class mine in the world, (1-2) the reserves of chrome ore are estimated at 350 million tons, (1-3) to produce 5 million tons per annum of chrome concentrates, (1-4 ) ore grade : Cr2O3 45 - 50%, ratio of Fe / Cr 1 : 3.5 - 4, low contents of phosphorus and sulfur and (1-5) obtained ISO 9002 Certificate.,

  (2)Aksu plant = (2-1) with capacity to produce 750,000 tons per annum of ferro-alloys, (2-2) electric power station to generate 1,200 MW, (2-3) obtained ISO 9002 Certificate and (2-4) with budget to invest newly US$117.2 million in reformation and modernization of electric furnaces during 2003 to 2007.
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