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China's COSCO Gives Lecture On Shipping Market (3)
Export-import of coal and shipbuilding market in China
  Subsequent to the iron ore market in China, COSCO in its recent lecture 'China Factor in Shipping Market' referred to supply-demand situation of coal and shipbuilding market in this country. (We hereby take liberty to omit quoting the topics on grain, energy, container transportation and logistics).

  [Export-import of coal]
China used to be for long a coal exporting country but exports have been languishing with the surging growth of its domestic industries. On the other hand, imports of coking coal are increasing. In connection with thermal coal, 2005 is said to experience a boom of new power stations coming to operation nationwide. Coal exports may decline, with an export quota of 80 million tons. Meanwhile net coal imports may rise by 60% to 18 million tons, of which coking coal is estimated to increase from 5 million tons in 2003 to 7 million tons in 2004.

  [Other coal exporters]
<Australia> Coal exports as a whole are forecast to reach 230 million tons in 2004 with a 7% increase, while exports of coking coal alone will grow at a rate of 8.5%.
<Indonesia> The world's second largest coal exporter. Exports in 2004 are likely to result in a 13% growth to reach over 100 million tons.
<Other exporters>
- Russia: Growing by 30% in the first five months in 2004 to reach 30 million tons (Remarks by TEX Report: This volume is equivalent to 72 million tons per annum)
- Vietnam: Growing by 33% to about 10 million tons in 2004.
- The USA: Growing by 11% to 19 million tons in 2004 (Annual equivalent volume 25 million tons minus) .

  [Enhancement of shipyard capacity]
Increasing seaborne cargos are spurring a number of shipbuilders in China to upgrade shipbuilding capacity as follows:
<Shipbuilders under the control of CSIC (China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)>
- Dalian New Shipyard will enlarge its current shipyard from 365 m to 540 m in length and build a new 400 m x 96 m shipyard
- Beihai Shipyard will move to Qingdao Haixi Gulf and build a 480 m x 96 m and 530 m x 133 m shipyards.
- Bohai Heavy Industry will build a 530 m x 108 m shipyard.
<Shipbuilders under the control of CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation)>
- Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group will move to Changxing Island in 2008 and build a world's largest shipbuilding base 8 km along the coast line.
- Guangzhou Shipyard will build two VLCC shipyards on Longxue Island in Nansha.
Planning is under way to build a VLCC shipyard at 'Nantong COSCO Kawasaki' (a joint venture between COSCO and Kawasaki Heavy Industries).
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