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Exports Of Australian Iron Ore In 2004 (From Dampier)
= Total exports fall off by cyclone while shipments to China significantly increase
  According to the results of iron ore exports for full 2004 (January to December) as surveyed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, shipments from Dampier, an iron ore shipping port in Western Australia servicing Hamersley Iron totaled 70,565 thousand metric tons (Kt), decreasing by 1,428 Kt (2.0%) from 71,993 Kt in the previous year. This is due to the big-scale cyclone "Monty" that hit Dampier in March last year. Shares of exports to China rose further, while those to other East Asian countries and European markets all fell off the levels of last year.

  [China remains top destination two years in a row]
It was China that continued to be the top importer as last year. Exports to this country totaled 37,209 Kt, up by 5,271 Kt (16.5%) from the levels in the previous year. China was the only destination with increases over 2003.
First runner-up was Japan with 17,220 Kt, down by 1,937 Kt (10.1%), followed by South Korea 8,291 Kt, down 2,222 Kt (21.1%), Taiwan 3,380 Kt, down 960 Kt (22.1%). Exports to European markets all dropped as England down 67 Kt (3.3%) at 1,982 Kt, France down 327 Kt (18.7%) at 1,419 Kt, Italy down 364 Kt (51.1%) at 349 Kt.
In the meantime shipments to Turkey and the Philippines were recorded as new for 2004.

  [Category-wise export shares]
In terms of lump and fines, 23,026 Kt of lump and 47,539 Kt of fines were exported with respective share at 32.6% and 67.4% of the total exports 70,565 Kt.
Lump and fines shares by destinations were as follows:
- China 28.1%, 71.9%,
- Japan 34.0%, 66.0%,
- South Korea 31.1%, 68.9%,
- Taiwan 61.4%, 38.6%,
- England 46.0%, 54.0%,
- France 49.6%, 50.4%,
- Italy 100% (fines only)
Besides, 249 Kt of lump (only) were exported to Pakistan.
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