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China's Domestic Crude Ore Production For 2004 Results 310 Million Tons
= Imported ores, iron / steel production all renew records
  According to the results of domestic iron ore production as surveyed by the CEMAC, 310 million tons of crude ore were produced in 2004. Together with 208 million tons of imported iron ore, a combined 518 million tons were supplied to the iron and steel industry. This represents a surprising increase of 108.9 million tons (40.4%) from the level of last year, well matching the country's dramatically growing domestic production of iron and steel.

  [Both domestic production and imports renew record highs]
Both production of 310 million-ton crude ore and imports of 208 million-ton ore represent historical highs, demonstrating a second-to-none vigor in growth. In November 2004 domestic production in single month first surpassed 30 million tons at 32.07 million tons.
Iron and steel production in 2004 likewise broke past highest records at 252 million tons (pig iron) and 272 million tons (crude steel).
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