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Exports Of Australian Iron Ore In 2004 (From Esperance, Geraldton)
= Shipments from Esperance and Geraldton - 5.28 Mt and 1.31 Mt, respectively
  According to the data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), exports of iron ore in 2004 from the three ports in Western Australia of Esperance, Yampi Sound and Geraldton all showed significant increases from the levels in the previous year. Each of these ports has iron ore mines in its hinterland being operated by Portman Ltd, and Mount Gibson Iron, which are keenly engaged in promoting exports mainly to Chinese market.

  [Esperance and Yampi Sound]
Esperance is a shipping port for Portman's major "Koolyanobbing iron ore". A total of 5,276 thousand metric tons (Kt) were exported in January - December 2004, representing an increase of 1,068 Kt (25.4%) from the previous year's volume of 4,209 Kt. The major destinations were Japan 1,540 Kt (up 24.2%) and China (including Hong Kong) 3,737 Kt (up 25.9%), both of which largely increased.
Yampi Sound is servicing "Cockatoo Island iron ore" being mined 50:50 by Portman and Henry Walker Eltin. Exports amounted to 528 Kt in 2004, with an increase of 110 Kt (26.2%) from 418 Kt in 2003.

Geraldton is a shipping port of "Tallering Peak iron ore" and "Mt Gibson iron ore" being developed by Mount Gibson Iron. Nanjing Iron and Steel which is taking part in the project purchased first lot in February 2004. Exports have been since progressing in a stable manner. 1,310 Kt were exported in 2004.
As something new, 30 Kt were shipped to the United Arab Emirates.
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