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Exports Of Brazilian Iron Ore In 2004 By Destinations
= Total exports first surpass 200 Mt; Japan falls to third largest destination
According to the data released by Brazil's SECEX (Foreign Trade Secretariat), a total of 219 million tons of iron ore were exported in 2004, an increase of 44 million tons (25.0%) from 175 million tons in the previous year. Along with Australia, the country's iron ore exports have surpassed 200 million tons.

In terms of volumes by destinations, China remained the top importer for four consecutive years with 52.7 million tons increasing by 11.7 million tons (28.6%) from the previous year. Germany, the third largest importer in 2003, overtook Japan with 26.40 million tons increasing 5.94 million tons (29.0%). Japan, the second in 2003, now became the third with 25.02 million tons, decreasing by 0.83 million tons (3.2%).
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