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Nippon Steel Achieves Large Improvements In Apr-Jun Results
= Ordinary profit posts 3.2 fold increase to 153.1 billion yen
Nippon Steel Corporation released its consolidated financial results for the first quarter (April - June) of fiscal year ending in March 2006 to demonstrate significant increases in both sales and profit over the same quarter of 2004:

- Net sales:904 billion 771 million yen (up 28.9% over the Jun/04 quarter)
- Operating profit:146 billion 91 million yen (up 160.9%)
- Ordinary profit: 153 billion 139 million yen (up 222.5%)
- Net income:91 billion 612 million yen (up 293.1%).

With ordinary profit in particular having already reached 40 % plus of the full 2004 year profit at terminating the first quarter, the Company has displayed its strongly enhanced earning power. Meanwhile, equity ratio to total assets was further raised from the level at the end of March 2005.
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