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Vyksa Inquiries For 10,000 Tons Heavy Plate Imports From Japan
Japan's integrated steelmakers have heavy plate inquiries from Russia's pipe manufacturer Vyksa Steel Works that wants to take a total of 10,000 tons from Japan as the material to produce UO pipes. The inquiries assume imports of the Japanese material for shipments in the October-December quarter of 2006.

But it is uncertain whether the Japanese steelmakers will respond to the inquiries because they have little leeway to negotiate spot export deals of heavy plates in tight export capacity at their works. Some of them admit that they may have to opt out.

Vyksa's inquiries this time stem from its assigned UO pipe production to meet the stage 1 of construction in the oil pipeline project to connect East Siberia with the Pacific coast of the Russian Far East. Vyksa is supposed to provide nearly 400,000 tons of UO pipes for the section between Taishet near Lake Baikal and Skovorodino on the Russo-Chinese border.

The East Siberia-Pacific coast oil pipeline project will take a total of 1,300,000 tons of line pipes in UO pipe equivalent, market sources estimate.

Besides Vyksa, Russia's Volzhsky Pipe Plant and Ukraine's Khartsyzsk Tube Works are assigned to provide nearly 400,000 tons of UO pipes each for the Taishet-Skovorodino section, according to informed sources.

In this connection, there are signs that the Russian and Ukrainian pipe producers concerned face a supply shortage of heavy plates for UO pipes.

Among Japanese integrated steelmakers, Nippon Steel Corp and Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd have a track record each of heavy plate supplies to Vyksa. Both Japanese steelmakers recently negotiated heavy plate export deals with Vyksa in relation to its UO pipe production for the North European Gas Pipeline. At the time, Nippon Steel contracted to supply 20,000 tons, and Sumitomo Metal 10,000 tons.
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