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Regulations For Exports Of South African Chrome Ore Come Up With Imposition Of Duty
= Following India, To Propose US$50 Per Ton
While the Government of South Africa has already suggested the South African companies concerned to enforce the regulations for exports of chrome ore, the matter to impose export duty is supposed to be under consideration. A promising duty is thought to be US$50 per ton.

As regards the duty to impose on exports of chrome ore, the Government of India has already enforced from March of 2007 to impose I.Re.2,000 per ton ( corresponding to US$44 per ton ). Also, from April of 2007, Indian Government has risen the floor prices for exports and enlarged the objective ore kinds ( including chrome concentrates in addition to friable ore ). These treatments have accorded with the regulations as mentioned above.

South African Government has mentioned from 2006 of the necessity to regulate exports of chrome ore and, at the Annual Conference held in 2006 by ICDA at Cape Town and at the Inauguration of the Lion Project ( the first phase ) held in spring of 2007 by Xstrata, a high officer of the Ministry of Mines delivered a speech of this subject.

However, at that time, some of major mining companies in South Africa expressed their intention to object to the regulations for exports of chrome ore and took an attitude to be left this matter to the market principle but, in view of the interest in South Africa, even these major mining companies have recently changed their attitude to be not objection to the above regulations. Namely, a process to smooth the ground is progressing.

South Africa exported 1,200,000 tons of low garde chrome ore for China in January - August of 2007, having increased by 870,000 tons compared with that exported in the calendar year ( January - December ) of 2006, but, when the regulations for exports of chrome ore are enforced by South African Government, a possibility to make a change of the orbit for expansion of ore exports may come up.

Although the exports of mineral resources have become a boom in South Africa, the situation, which an increase of the capacity to transport cargoes by railway is unable to follow these booming exports, is continuing. In order to add more values to manganese ore and chrome ore and to reduce volumes for transportation, South African Government has encouraged to export in form of ferro-alloys as processed and refined from ores and also, as the countermeasures for capacity to transport cargoes, the regulations for exports of chrome ore are in the direction to arise sooner or later.
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