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Bulk Shipping Market Further Down
= $12 / ton set on 160,000-ton Brazilian ore carrier bound for Japan =
<Brazil - Japan>
- Nippon Steel voyage-chartered a TBN owned by a Japanese company to ship 160,000 tons of iron ore at Itaguai, Brazil for transport to Oita, Japan. Freight rate: approx. $12.00/ton. (Fio loading to scale; unloading 55,000 t/d) Laycan schedule: Nov 15 - 24.

<Brazil - Europe>
- Classic Maritime time-chartered the SIDERIS GS (175,000 dwt, 2006-built) with delivery at Dunkirk, France and redelivery in Europe via Brazil. Charter rate: $9,000/day. Laycan schedule: Oct 27 - 28.

<S. Africa - Netherlands>
- ThyssenKrupp Steel voyage-chartered the BOSPOROS (1995-built) to ship 130,000 tons of iron ore at Saldanha Bay, South Africa for transport to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Freight rate: $8.50/ton. (Fio 6 days in total for loading and unloading) Laycan schedule: Nov 18 - Dec 23.

<Period charter>
- Danish shipping company Norden time-chartered the APOLLO (77,326 dwt, 2006-built) for 3 - 5 months with delivery in Japan. Charter rate: $11,000/day. Laycan schedule: Nov 5 - 10.

<US Gulf - E. Asia>
- A CNR time-chartered the TIAN TONG FENG (74,275 dwt, 2001-built) with delivery at Valetta, Malta and redelivery in East Asia via US Gulf coast. Charter rate: $12,500/day. Laycan schedule: Oct 23 - 26.
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