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Price Of Chinese Ele-Mn-Met Recovered, Causing Inclination To Resume Its Production
= Price For Export Has Risen To Level Of US$2,750 - 2,800 / Ton FOB
The market price of Chinese electrolytic manganese metal is still continuing a tendency to rebound and, consequently, many of Chinese plants, which once suspended to produce this metal as the production was not profitable, are now resuming their production of electrolytic manganese metal. According to an information from China, 10 - 20 plants are supposed to have returned to this production. This movement is thought to prepare for purchases of electrolytic manganese metal by steel mills in China to supplement their stocks of this metal.

In view of the fact that prices of selenium, sulfuric acid and manganese carbonate as raw materials for production of electrolytic manganese metal have risen, Chinese producers have to cover these increases of costs and are challenging to rise price of electrolytic manganese metal for sales in both of domestic and overseas markets. Owing to a rise of prices for raw materials and spot purchases of Chinese electrolytic manganese metal by consumers in domestic market and overseas countries, the price of this metal for export has continued to rise and its general price level as of the end of last week has reached US$2,750 - 2,800 per metric ton FOB China, having risen by US$700 per ton compared with the bottom one prevailed in an early part of November.

However, since the production of electrolytic manganese metal in China has been resumed as mentioned above, the quantity of this metal to be supplied by Chinese producers is on a trend to increase and, therefore, a tightness of the supply as arisen from the second half of November is in the direction to loosen. Nevertheless, Chinese producers have been still continuing a challenge to cover the increased costs and some of them are offering electrolytic manganese metal at higher prices of US$2,800 - 3,000 per metric ton FOB China. This offer at higher prices is interested in the level anticipated to come up in the near future but, in order to materialize this price level, the factors to support this aspect are essential.
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