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China's Sheet Pile Uses Surging
With sheet pile uses surging in China, the nation's imports of HR sheet piles totaled 42,000 tons in January-April 2009, up by a factor of 4 from the same period of 2008, equaling its total import volume of HR sheet piles in 2008.

China's imports of HR sheet piles are said to have enlarged in May as well. If the current trend continues, those imports are forecast to total more than 200,000 tons in 2009. There is even speculation that they could expand into an annual level of 5,000,000 tons in a few years as domestic requirements are estimated to total 500,000-600,000 tons in 2009.

China used materials such has channels, H-beams and timber until recently in harbor construction and repairs, river conservation work, and earthwork, with no use of sheet piles. In China, there are many manufacturers of steel shapes, but there is no manufacturer of HR sheet piles. Some steel mills put out CR sheet piles in small quantities. CR sheet piles, though, are short on durability to equal what HR sheet piles bear. Accordingly, there are no signs of a marked increase so far in local demand for CR sheet piles.

Last year, China used imported HR sheet piles in reclamation work for construction of oil tanks in offshore Shanghai. Besides, it is understood that the Chinese government has discovered the merits of HR sheet piles since the beginning of this year, given that they are most suited for the stopwater in overpass construction for the government's plans to build new railways and expressways.

Until recently, China's leasing operators of materials for temporary work were limited to small-sized services in the Shanghai area. But some leasing operators are in action to expand their services across the nation in expectation of enlarged demand for sheet piles.

Of China's imports of HR sheet piles in 2008, Japan provided 20,000 tons and the EU 18,000, with the rest from others. Of the imports in January-April 2009, South Korea accounted for 32,000 tons, and Japan 10,000 tons, and the rest from the EU. As a result, South Korea is thought to have become a main source for China's imports of HR sheet piles.
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