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India's Iron Ore Mission To Visit Japan July 7
= Comprising governmental entities such as MMTC, NMDC =
A mission composed of India's governmental entities, such as MMTC and NMDC is scheduled to visit Japan on July 7 to negotiate iron ore prices for contract year 2009 with five Japanese steel companies.

With the major mission members being Sanjiv Batra, Chairman and Managing Director, MMTC, and Shri Rana Som, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, NMDC, the mission will negotiate new iron ore prices with Nippon Steel, JFE Steel, Sumitomo Metals, Kobe Steel and Nisshin Steel during the period of July 8 to 10.

Five-year contracts are customarily concluded between Japan and India for the supply of iron ore. Current contracts cover 2006 to 2010 and annual imports are set at between 3.47 million tons and 6.75 million tons.
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