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Chinese MOFA Answers Rio Tinto Related Questions
= At July 14 regular press conference =
Qin Gang, spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) held a regular press conference on July 14. For a question raised in connection with the detention of Rio Tinto employees, he said departments in charge are taking due actions in accordance with the law. Against a question about Chinese government's treatment of foreign companies, he commented that China remains firm to continue its open win-win strategy.

Questions and answers at the conference follow:

Q: According to news media, the Australian government summoned the Chinese Ambassador to Australia in connection with the detention of Rio Tinto's employees. It this a fact?

A: Regarding the matter of Rio Tinto employees in China having stolen China's state-owned secret, departments in charge are taking due actions in accordance with the law.

Q: According to the report of Chinese news media, high-ranked officials of five steel companies are, besides Rio Tinto, taken into custody or being interrogated. What do you say about this? Does this mean that investigations into Rio Tinto's matter are extending beyond the boundary?

A: Rio Tinto matter is being investigated in accordance with the law by China's departments in charge. Now that it deals with investigation, studies and questions could necessarily be directed to some people. I am not informed of concrete situations. Please understand that actions being taken against persons concerned are based on facts and relevant laws.

Q: What information will you pass to foreign companies that are doing business in China?

A: As I have already explained, Rio Tinto matter is a juridical affair. Since Rio Tinto's personnel have unjustifiably stolen China's state-owned secrets, thereby seriously jeopardizing Chinese economy and interests, departments in charge are taking actions against them in accordance with the law. This does not mean we are going to restrain businesses being conducted in China by foreign companies, or alliance and cooperation being developed between Chinese and foreign companies. China remains firm to continue its open win-win strategy.

Since the Economic Reform, China has been receiving a great deal of foreign investments, which has benefited not only China but also foreign investors and their countries. The volume of China's reception of foreign investments has been the largest among developing countries for 17 consecutive years.

One important reason is that Chinese law system has been consistently improved and made sound; the Chinese government has been lawfully protecting the interests of foreign companies doing business in China; and foreign companies have respected and abode by Chinese laws and regulations.

Hereafter, we will continue to create advantageous conditions for the sake of foreign companies making investments into China, and alliance and cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies. A majority of foreign companies are highly appreciating investment environment in China. Any company or any person that may violate Chinese laws will be naturally subjected to due treatment in accordance with the laws.

Q: Are there any iron ore companies having relationship with Rio Tinto that are being investigated?

A: I am not informed of relevant situation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not in charge of treating this matter concretely.
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