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FMG Improves Operations In Apr - Jun Quarter
= Mining at Christmas Creek begins =
According to the operational report for the April to June quarter of 2009 announced by Australian Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), total ore processed set a new record of 8,543,416 tonnes since the start up of operation in the July to September quarter of 2008. During the quarter, Ore Processing Facility (OPF) achieved excellent efficiency due among others to the enhanced management of input material and reduction of oversized feed.

Mining of the orebody at Christmas Creek commenced during the quarter and material is being trucked approximately 50 kilometers to the OPF at Cloudbreak. The ore is blended there with ore from Cloudbreak and the volume will be progressively increased.

Port performance also delivered a new record over the quarter with 7,983,739 tonnes of FMG's ore shipped through the Herb Elliott Port. In addition, the Company also facilitated one third party shipment for Atlas Iron.

The Port construction project was completed during the quarter with the commissioning of the second stacker which increased stockyard options. The second stacker makes available another six fully reclaimable stockpiles taking the total to 12 stockpiles.

Since as at the end of June a new benchmark price had not been agreed with China, FMG is currently selling iron ore at a provisional price for each shipment with reference to a yet-to-be-concluded benchmark price.
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