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Canada's Iron Ore Exports In Apr 09
= 758,752 tons shipped to China, accounting for ca. 30% =
According to the foreign trade statistics for April 2009 announced by Statistics Canada, iron ore exports from this country in the period were 2.545 million tons (Mt), an increase of 0.297 Mt or 13.2% from the 2.248 Mt in the same month last year. Derived January to April exports totaled 7.435 Mt, a decline of 0.6 Mt or 7.5% from the 8.035 Mt in the previous corresponding period.

By destination, exports to China in April overwhelmed others with 0.759 Mt, which accounted for 29.8%. In terms of four-month total, this Asian giant stood first with 2.602 Mt or 35.0%, outnumbering all others.

Exports in January to April by origin province, Quebec stood first with 3.857 Mt, Newfoundland second with 3.549 Mt, followed by Ontario 17,263 tons, Nova Scotia 11,454 tons. Quebec and Newfoundland take majority export shares of 51.9% and 47.7%, respectively.
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