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China's Imports Of Chrome Ore In September / 09 Recorded Largest In Its History
= Imported 944,000 Tons In Sep., Imports In Jan.- Sep. / 09 Totaled To 4,710,000 Tons
According to the customs-statistics released in China, this country imported 944,564 tons of chrome ore in September of 2009, which recorded the largest quantity in its history and had an increase of 35% from that in the previous month of August. Also, the imports in September of 2009 increased by 20.4% compared with that (784,371 tons) in the same month of 2008.

However, the total quantity of chrome ore imported by China in January - September of 2009 was 4,710,000 tons, having decreased by 16.7% compared to that in the same period of 2008, and this decline of the imports in the first 9 months of 2009 had been influenced by the sluggish imports in the first half (January - June) of 2009.

The quantities of chrome ore imported by China in months of 2009 were on low levels since the beginning of 2009 but China revived gradually the imports of chrome ore from March with 450,000 - 500,000 tons per month and imported 749,000 tons in July as increased considerably. Furthermore, China imported a larger quantity of chrome ore in September , having had the highest record in its history. This remarkable increase of the imports in September had been caused by the substantially increased imports from South Africa and Turkey.

The quantities of chrome ore imported from main sources into China in September of 2009 were <> from South Africa : 353,460 tons, <> from Turkey : 204,895 tons, <> from Oman : 145,705 tons and <> from India : 46,628 tons. Consequently, in January - September of 2009, China imported 2,079,000 tons of chrome ore from South Africa, 828,000 tons from Turkey, 495,000 tons from Oman and 348,000 tons from India, total of which had shared 79% of the whole import by China. However, the decreased imports of chrome ore from India into China are remarkable and this aspect is due to a change on the supply situation of chrome ore in India, since this country has given a priority to the domestic demand for chrome ore.

The output of crude stainless steel in China for 2009 is estimated to be more than 8.50 million tons on an annualized base, exceeding largely 6.94 million tons produced in 2008. In order to cover this boom in production of stainless steel, China had concentrated on imports of ferro-chrome at discounted prices during an early part of 2009 but has shifted from April - May to produce more ferro-chrome by themselves by means of importing chrome ore as raw material from overseas sources. In view of the fact that international price of high carbon ferro-chrome had bottomed out in spring of this year (left from 55 - 57 US-Cents per lb. of Cr) and has turned to rise at present, the price of high carbon ferro-chrome produced in China has changed to be able to maintain a power to be competitive with prices of foreign products.
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