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IMFA / India Plans To Expand Capacity At Electric Power Plant And To Increase FeCr Production
= To Strengthen Capacity At Power Plant To 140 MW, To Set Up Structure To Produce 275,000 Tons / Year Of FeCr
IMFA (Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd.), a leading producer of ferro-alloys in India, held in last week a general meeting of shareholders in 2009 at New Delhi of India and, at this meeting, Mr. Subhrankant Panda, Managing Director of IMFA, said that the Company has planned to strengthen the facilities for an independent electric power generation plant and, at the same time, is scheduled to increase production of ferro-chrome to 275,000 tons per annum.

The output of electric power to be generated by thermo-coal method is 110 MW at present but planned to increase by 30 MW to 140 MW. This expansion of the capacity for generation of electric power is scheduled to complete in March of 2010. In accordance with this expansion of electric power to be generated, IMFA will enlarge the capacity for production of ferro-chrome from 235,000 tons per annum at present to 275,000 tons per annum.

In line with this increase in production of ferro-chrome, IMFA is scheduled to complete in March of 2010 the construction of one new large electric furnace (No.3 electric furnace with transformer capacity of 30 MVA) to be commissioned immediately at the Choudwar plant and this completion of new electric furnace will enable IMFA to increase their production of ferro-chrome by 40,000 tons per annum.

Furthermore, the subject in question for IMFA is to construct the second independent electric power generation plant and this project is under way to promote. IMFA has planned to construct a new independent electric power generation plant by thermo-coal method and this construction is targeted to complete in 2 years later. The funds to be necessary for this project will be raised through tie-up with organized investors. A scale of the whole investment is estimated to be 1,000 crores (1 crore = 10 million rupees).

For a reference, as regards purchases of raw materials, IMFA has possessed such powerful resources as Talcher coalfield and Sukinda Valley chrome deposits, both of which have been located in Orissa State of India, but will also intend to import positively raw materials from overseas sources.
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