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Prices Of Mn-Ores For March Shipment To China Rise Considerably
= Price Of Medium Grade Ore Rises By US$1.00 To US$7.50 Per Mn 1% CIF China
It seems to be certain that price of manganese ore for shipment to China in March of 2010 will rise to a considerable extent. According to an information which a leading producer of ferro-alloys in China reported on website, the price of medium grade manganese ore to import into China for March shipment rises by US$1.00 to US$7.50 per Mn 1% CIF.

The prices (on CIF China base) of manganese ores for March shipment broken down by grades are <> lumpy ore with Mn 44% min. : US$7.50 per Mn 1% (compared to US$6.50 fixed for February shipment), <> chip ore with Mn 44% min. : US$7.35 per Mn 1% (US$6.30 for February) and <> lumpy metallurgical ore with Mn 46 - 48% : US$8.10 per Mn 1% (US$7.00 for February).

The price of medium grade manganese ore for February shipment to China once moved to rise but has generally rolled over from that for January shipment. However, the price of low grade manganese ore with Mn 37% min. for February shipment has risen by US$0.30 to US$5.80 per Mn 1% CIF China and this rise is due to an increase of ocean freight for transportation with a long distance. For a reference, even the price of low grade manganese ore for March shipment will rise to US$6.70 per Mn 1% CIF China.

Domestic prices of manganese ferro-alloys in China have been continuing to rise from the beginning of 2010 and domestic price of silico-manganese has risen to CNY8,700 per ton. Also, price of Chinese silico-manganese offered for export is US$1,600 per ton at present. In view of the fact that prices of manganese ores for shipment to China in March are going to rise as mentioned above, prices of Chinese manganese ferro-alloys are anticipated to have a further and sharp rise.
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