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Japan Imported 122,000 Tons Of Stainless Steel Products In CY 2009 As Decreased For 2 Years
= Imports In 2009 Decreased By 10% From That In 2008, Reflecting Decreased Imports From South Korea
Japan Iron and Steel Federation compiled the data on imports of stainless steel products into Japan in the calender year (January - December) of 2009 on the basis of the statistics released by the Ministry of Finance and the contents were as per the table attached hereto.

Namely, Japan imported 121,801 tons of stainless steel products in the calender year of 2009, having decreased by 10.0% compared with that (135,341 tons) in the preceding year of 2008. The imports in 2008 had a considerable decline of 38.2% from that in 2007 and, therefore, the imports in 2009 came down to the lowest level since that (93,914 tons) as recorded in 2003. The monthly imports of stainless steel products by Japan decreased to a level of 6,000 tons in February and March of 2009 but, after that, continued to recover, having reached again a scale of 14,000 tons per month in October. However, owing to the decreased imports of stainless steel products from South Korea, the imports in November and December turned again to decrease.

Also, reflecting a decline of the imports and a fall of prices for stainless steel products, the amount of stainless steel products imported by Japan in 2009 had retreated to US$379.322 million , corresponding to Yen 3,530.50 million. The unit price of stainless steel products averaged on imports in 2009 was US$3,114.28 per metric ton CIF Japan, which had a large fall of 29.5% from that in 2008 and returned to the level in 2006.

The quantities of stainless steel products imported from main sources into Japan in the calendar year of 2009 were <> from South Korea : 95,262 tons (decreased by 9.3% from that in 2008), <> from Taiwan : 10,740 tons (increased by 19.5% from that in 2008) and <> from China : 3,900 tons (decreased by 30.4% from that in 2008). The imports from Taiwan in 2009 recovered to a scale of 10,000 tons but the imports from South Korea in 2009 decreased to a lower level than 100,000 tons.

For a reference, Japan imported 181,246 tons in total of special steel products (including stainless steel products) in the calendar year of 2009, which decreased by 11.4% compared to that (204,527 tons) in the preceding year of 2008 and included 59,445 tons of other special steel products as decreased by 14.1% from that in 2008.

In December of 2009, Japan imported 10,308 tons of stainless steel products, which decreased by 7.7% compared to that (11,171 tons) in the previous month of November but maintained a scale of 10,000 tons per month.
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