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Nickel Production In Japan For CY 2009 Had Slight Decrease AS Exports Increased
= Output Of Ferro-Nickel Decreased By 4%, That Of Nickel Metal Had Decline Of 14%
According to the monthly statistics concerning steels and nonferrous metals released recently by the Ministry of Economy, Trade Industry, the quantities of nickel metal and ferro-nickel produced in Japan in the calender year (January - December) of 2009 as well as in a single month of December were known as per the table attached hereto.

Namely, Japan produced 30,058 tons (on material base) of nickel metal and 59,301 tons (on Ni content base, including an estimation) of ferro-nickel respectively in the calender year of 2009, which decreased by 13.8% for nickel metal and also had a decline of 4.4% for ferro-nickel in comparison with those in the preceding year of 2008. Owing to the fact that the exports of ferro-nickel from Japan to China, South Korea, Taiwan and India in 2009 had been still maintained on a high level, the output of ferro-nickel in Japan for December of 2009 had a substantial increase of 32.7% compared to that for the same month of 2008.

A majority of domestic nickel consumption in Japan has been shared by those used at stainless steel mills and special steel mills and, although this domestic consumption of nickel in Japan had decreased to a large extent in 2009, nickel producers were able to maintain a scale of their nickel production because of the increased exports. As a matter of fact, the quantities (including an estimation) of nickels exported from Japan in the calender year of 2009 were <> nickel metal (including processed products) : 9,966 tons (on material base) and <> ferro-nickel : 33,268 tons (on Ni content base). The exports of ferro-nickel from Japan in 2009 had a remarkable increase of approximately 80% compared with that (18,600 tons) exported in 2008.

The output of ferro-nickel in Japan for December of 2009 recovered to a scale of 6,000 tons per month and this expansion in production of ferro-nickel was due to the fact that the Hachinohe refining plant of Pacific Metals resumed to produce ferro-nickel from December of 2009, after having taken a long period to reform No.7 electric furnace.
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