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Prices Of Manganese Ores For Exports To China Are On Basic Tone To Rise Gradually
= The Prices For Shipments In May - June 2010 Rise By A Small Extent
The prices of manganese ores to export to China have been on a basic tone to rise gradually. The price of manganese ore offered in last week by a major manganese mine to ferro-alloy producers in China for shipments in May to June of 2010 has risen to a small extent. The ore price for China has rolled over for April shipment but is decided to rise again for shipments in May to June.

The typical prices (per Mn 1% on CIF China base) of manganese ores offered for China recently are <> lumpy ore with Mn 44% : at US$7.85 (former price of US$7.50), <> chips with Mn 43% : at US$7.70 (former prices of US$7.30 - 7.35) and <> high grade metallurgical lumpy ore : at US$8.45 (former price of US$8.10).

The prices of manganese ores for shipments to China In the first half (January - June) of 2010 have moved as per the table shown below ;
data image
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