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Sumitomo Metal Mining Plans To Reform Facilities For Nickel Production In FY 2010
= Reformation Of Electric Furnace For Ferro-Nickel Completes In August
Sumitomo Metal Mining of Japan is scheduled to reform the facilities for nickel production in the financial year of 2010 (April 2010 - March 2011) as follows ;

(1)Electric nickel = The Niihama plant will implement periodical maintenance for 4 days in May and 4 days in November.

(2)Ferro-nickel = The Hyuga refinery plans to reform the facilities for production of ferro-nickel on the followings ; (2-1) Among two kilns, one kiln will be repaired for 21 days in May to June and another one kiln is scheduled to be repaired for 25 days in November, and also (2-2) Among two electric furnaces, one electric furnace has been proceeding the work for innovation since February of last year and is expected to commence its operation from the end August of this year.

(3)The work to expand the capacity to produce electric nickel completed in the preceding financial of 2009 and the capacity has increased from 36,000 tons per annum at previous time to 41,000 tons per annum at present. Accordingly, the Niihama plant will be able to produce 41,000 tons per annum in total of electric nickel in the financial year of 2010, consisting of <> 20,400 tons in the first half and <> 20,600 tons in the second half.

Also, the innovation of one electric furnace is scheduled to complete on the end August of 2010 and the operation will start immediately. Therefore, the output of nickel in ferro-nickel is anticipated to increase accordingly from the second half and the Hyuga refinery is expected to produce 18,800 tons of nickel in ferro-nickel in the financial year of 2010, consisting of <> 7,800 tons in the first half and <> 11,000 tons in the second half.
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