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Plant To Produce FeCr Is Constructed In Oman By Joint Venture With Indian Enterprise
= By End 2011, This Plant Produces 75,000 Tons / Year Of FeCr
Oman is the country to produce chrome ore and the project to construct a new plant in Oman for production of ferro-chrome is coming up. This project will be proceeded by a joint venture between enterprises of Oman and India, and a new plant with capacity to produce 75,000 tons per annum of high carbon ferro-chrome has been planned to be constructed in Sohar industrial zone of Oman by the end of 2011. This is the first case for Oman to produce ferro-chrome.

This joint venture comprises of Al Tamman Trading Establishment LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Muscat Overseas Group), as a chrome mining company in Oman, and Indsil Group, as a company producing ferro-alloys in India, and a 50-50 partnership of these two companies has established a new company under the name of Al Tamman Indsil Ferrochrome LLC for this joint venture.

This new company will invest approximately US$70 million in the facilities, which are two new 24 MVA electric furnaces for production of high carbon ferro-chrome and a beneficiation plant to pretreat low grade chrome ore (with annual capacity of 100,000 tons). These facilities are scheduled to complete by the end of 2011.

Oman is the country to produce 800,000 tons per annum of chrome ore as raw material but will transform to the country to produce ferro-chrome as a value-added commodity. Chrome ore as raw material for production of ferro-chrome is supplied from Sharqiya and Batinah districts of Oman.

Indsil Group of India has been producing 14,000 tons per annum of low carbon silico-manganese by means of utilizing hydroelectric power generated in Kerala State of India and also has possessed an electric furnace mill in Palakkad district to produce 30,000 tons per annum of steel products. India is one of major countries in the world to produce chrome ore but its chrome deposits have been concentrated on Orissa State and any promising new chrome mine is so far unable to locate in other states of India. An Indian enterprise is now moving to launch the production of high carbon ferro-chrome in Oman through tying up with chrome mine in Oman.
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