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Quantities Of Ferro-Alloys And Nickel Produced By Xstrata In Jul. - Sep. 2010
= Productions Of Vanadium And Nickel Were Kept On Favorable Tone, Output Of FeCr Decreased For Winter Time
Xstrata plc released on the 19th of October the quantities of ferro-alloys and nickel produced by them in July - September quarter of 2010 and, according to this report, the contents are summarized as follows ;

(1)Ferro-Alloys :
Xstrata produced 228,000 tons of ferro-chrome in July - September quarter of 2010, which decreased by 7% compared with that (245,000 tons) in the same quarter of 2009 and also had substantial decreases compared to those (305,000 tons produced in January - March quarter of 2010 and 303,000 tons produced in April June quarter of 2010). This sharp decline of the output in July - September quarter was due to the fact that, because of high electricity fee applied to winter season in South Africa and periodical maintenance implemented in the quarter, the operation rate on average came down to 64%. For a reference, the total quantity of ferro-chrome produced by Xstrata in January - September of 2010 had reached 835,000 tons, having exceeded the output (786,000 tons) produced in the preceding calender year (January - December) of 2009. The cost to produce ferro-chrome in South Africa is anticipated to be raised further by the risen fee of electric power and the strengthened exchange rate of South African Rand against US-Dollar, and these factors are thought to put a pressure on the earnings in October - December quarter of 2010 as well as in July - September quarter.

Rhovan of South Africa has been operating on full scale and, in July - September quarter of 2010, produced 1,126 tons of ferro-vanadium, having increased by 15% compared with that (976 tons) in the preceding quarter of April - June, and 5.805 million lbs. of vanadium pentoxide, which had an increase of 17% compared to that (5.198 million lbs.) in the preceding quarter of April - June. For a reference, Rhovan stopped to produce vanadium in July - September quarter of 2009 and, therefore, it was unable to compare the output of vanadium in July - September quarter of 2010 with that in the same quarter of 2009.

(2)Nickel :
The quantities (on nickel content base) of nickel produced by Xstrata in July - September quarter of 20109 were <> at mines : 16,174 tons of mined nickel (increased by 21% from that in the same quarter of 2009), <> at Nikkelverk in Norway : 23,259 tons of refined nickel (decreased by 1% from that in the same quarter of 2009) and <> at Falcondo in Dominican Republic : nil of ferro-nickel.

Volumes improved primarily as a result of a significant increase in volume and grade at Nickel Rim South mine in Canada, which remains on target to reach its design mine rate of 1.25 million tons of ore per annum in 2011. Improved volumes from the Cosmos mine at Xstrata Nickel Australia also contributed to the increase in total mined nickel production.

Nikkelverk of Norway has been producing refined nickel on a firm tone and is expected to produce 92,000 tons per annum of refined nickel in 2010 as planned.

Falcondo in the Dominican Republic announced on the 12th of October to resume the operation and has aimed to restart with a planned 50% of the capacity by March of 2011. Falcondo is scheduled to produce 14,000 tons per annum of nickel in ferro-nickel in 2011.

For a reference, Xstrata produced 288 tons of cobalt metal as by-product from nickel production in July - September quarter of 2010, having had a slight increase of 1% from that (286 tons) in the same quarter of 2009.
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