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NSSC Develops New Stainless Steel
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corp (NSSC) announced Dec 15 that the company has newly developed and commercialized NSSC-FW2 (forward two), a highly corrosion resistant, low-interstitial ferritic stainless steel, that bears corrosion resistance that is equal or superior to SUS304 (18%Cr-8%Ni), the world's most common grade of stainless steel.

NSSC completed the technology of NSSC-FW2 on the basis of that of NSSC-FW1, the marketing of which started in July this year. NSSC-FW2 is a 16%Cr steel with no added Ni, Mo, or Cu. Its content of rare metals is held down by a total of 40%, compared with SUS304.

As to NSSC-FW1, NSSC has gotten more than 2,000 inquiries so far, with orders amounting to 10,000 tpy.

Basic NSSC-FW2 technology
1.NSSC-FW2 represents a highly corrosion resistant and low interstitial ferritic stainless steel which NSSC has developed by elaborating on its unique seed technology used for NSSC-FW1. By adding about 0.3% Sn to the 16%Cr base steel, corrosion resistance that is equal or superior to SUS304 was achieved. Also, its contend of rare metals was successfully lowered by nearly 40%, compared with SUS304.

2.Sn exists as an oxide and metal in a passivation film consisting of a Cr oxide. The property is thought to enhance the stability and protection performance of the passivation film while contributing to the regeneration capacity of the passivation film itself.

New FW-series products
NSSC expects the new FW-series products to make great candidates for a new general-purpose grade, replacing SUS304 and SUS430, two leading grades of stainless steel. SUS304 and SUS430 together account for more than 50% of what is distributed as stainless steel. Besides, the new FW-series products can lend themselves to the conservation of rare metals thanks to their use of ultra fine-grain steel with low alloy elements.

NSSC is contemplating struggling to winning a combined sales volume of 30,000 tpy for NSSC-FW2 and NSSC-FW2 in the near future, with 10,000 tpy of domestic sales and 20,000 tpy of exports. Also, the company believes the combined sales volume would further expand into 100,000 tpy when circumstances permit.
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