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Japan's Local Scrap Prices Average Y32,864 In Three Main Areas
Japan's domestic market prices of locally available ferrous scrap averaged Y32,864/ton delivered at steelworks for No2 HMS in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai areas in the third week of December 2010, up Y1,266 from a week ago, according to a survey by the Japan Ferrous Raw Materials Association. As a result, the average price advanced for seven consecutive weeks since the second week of November 2010, with a cumulative upswing of Y6,705 or 25.6%.

In the third week of December 2010, the monitor prices of No2 HMS ex steelworks in cash transactions were Y34,900/ton in Kanto, up Y1,333 from a week ago; Y31,960/ton in Chubu, up Y1,800; and Y31,733/ton in Kansai, up Y666. The monitor price indicates the average of benchmark prices.
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