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February Steel Export Recorded 3,682 Thousand Tons On Year-to-year Basis
The Ministry of Finance released the steel export and import figures (flash report) for Feb., 2011 on 24th. According to this report. The export quantity for Feb. recorded 3,682 thousand tons, up 8.6% from the same month last year and up 5.0% from the previous month which was the highest level of Feb. record exceeding the record of 3,536 thousand tons in Feb., 2008. The export amount in yen showed 316 billion 875 million, jumped up 20.5% compared to the same month of last year. While, the import quantity for Feb. was 543 thousand tons, up 5.6% from the same month last year, and down 11.1% from the previous month.

By destination of Feb. export, shipment showed 2,948 thousand tons for Asia, up 6.9% from the same month last year out of which 606 thousand tons was for China, up 6.1% from the same month last year, 1,199 thousand tons for Asia NIEs, down 4.3%, and 967 thousand tons for ASEAN, up 15.8%.

For the distant countries, shipment showed 153 thousand tons for Middle East, up 19.8% from the same month last year, 33 thousand tons for Russia, up by 9.0 times, 80 thousand tons for EU, up 50.2%, and 119 thousand tons for USA, down 0.2%.

By country of Feb. import, shipment showed 68 thousand tons from China, down 0.5% from the same month last year, 309 thousand tons from Asia NIEs, up 35.8%, 14.6 thousand tons from ASEAN, up by nearly 2.0 times, 26.7 thousand tons from Russia, up by 1.4 times, and 10.2 thousand tons from EU, up 62.4%.
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