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Kanto Tetsugen To Hold Scrap Export Tender April 12
Japan's Tokyo-based Kanto Tetsugen cooperative association of ferrous scrap dealers is contemplating holding its sales tender April 12 to export locally available No2 HMS from the Kanto area for May shipment. Scheduled for sale is a total quantity of 5,000-20,000 tons.

In this connection, Kanto Tetsugen has added a new item of the radiation figure to its notice this time on the invitation of bids from trading companies. As a result, a voluntary limit is set at 0.3 microsievert per hour on the radiation quantity. Besides, the notice has a proviso that the parties concerned would hold negotiations separately if more radiation than the standard level is detected in any cargo from Kanto Tetsugen at the site of unloading.

Kanto Tetsugen sold a total of 21,000 tons of No2 HMS at an average Y37,239/ton FAS Tokyo Bay in its previous export tender that took place March 9.
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