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Vale Achieved Record Iron Ore Production For April - June Quarter At 80.25 Million Tonnes
= Production at the Carajás mining site negatively affected by the extended rainy season =
Brazilian metals and mining company Vale announced its production report for 2Q (April - June) FY2011 on Jul 28. According to the report, including Samarco's attributable production, iron ore production rose to 80.257 million tonnes (up 5.8% from 2Q a year ago), and pellet production reached 13.140 million tonnes (up 3.8%, same). Production of both iron ore and pellet achieved the best performance ever for a second quarter.

As a result, production for the first half of the year turned out to be 151.797 million tonnes (up 4.7%, same) for iron ore and 25.656 million tonnes (up 10.8%, same) for pellet, pellet setting a new record for a first half year. The company expects that the second half of the year is seasonally stronger, with the production curve accelerating and reaching its peak in the 3Q.

Production at the Carajás was negatively affected by the extended rainy season which spilled over into April and May. The strong rainfall this year contributed also to reduce the pace of shipments as the resulting higher degrees of moisture of ores caused a slowdown in the discharging process of trains at the Ponta da Madeira maritime terminal. In addition, there was a problem with a car dumper, which suffered corrective maintenance during the quarter slowing shipments and production.

The Midwestern System had strong production increase due to the ramp-up of a new processing plant in Corumbá which started in February.
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