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Ports Of Kisarazu, Mizushima And Fukuyama To Upgrade Iron Ore Handling Capacity (2)
= MLIT's International Bulk Strategic Port Policy Program =
Mizushima And Fukuyama Ports (Okayama Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture, JFE Steel's West Japan Works)

(Toward the establishment of a hub-and-spoke transportation system in Seto Inland Sea with the Ports of Mizushima and Fukuyama as bases, and the deployment of Asian strategy)

<The establishment of a Mizushima and Fukuyama Ports based hub-and-spoke transportation system in Seto Inland Sea>

- Integration of Mizushima Port and Fukuyama Port
- Establishment of quadratic transportation system of iron ore and coal

<Deployment of Asian strategy (Cooperation with Philippines ports)>
- Stable supply of raw materials through cooperation with Philippine ports that can accommodate VLOCs

[Objective and Target]
- Enable the entry of fully-loaded Capesize ships by 2015
- Enable the entry of fully-loaded Setouchimax ships by 2020
- Fukuyama port main seaway: The sea will be dredged from the current depth of 16 meters to 18 meters, and the change of tidal level will be utilized, enabled by the easing of regulations.

(Present) 170,000 tonnes of iron ore when fully-loaded, Chart Datum Level 16.0 meters + Change of tidal level 1.6 meters = Apparent sea depth 17.6 meters

(Plan) 200,000 tonnes of iron ore when fully-loaded, Chart Datum Level 18.0 meters + Change of tidal level 2.1 meters = Apparent sea depth 20.1 meters

[Measures to realize International Bulk Strategic Port Policy]

Administration of port entry into Mizushima Port and Fukuyama Port will be integrated with a view to building a system to enable smooth and speedy two-ports discharge.

As for Brazilian iron ore, transportation system of VLOC will be diffused widely to each port by utilizing Philippines ports. In order to establish stable supply system of iron ore from the Philippine ports and to enhance transportation functions, collaboration will be pursued with Philippine Ports Authority (PPT) and other authorities concerned. This collaboration is expected to develop into a comprehensive partnership involving PPA, Phividec (Philippine Veterans Investment Development Corporation) and The Department of Transportation and Communication of the Philippines, in view of the ongoing construction plan of ports which can accommodate 400,000-dwt VLOCs in the Philippines by ODA (Official Development Assistance) from Japan.

Efficient operation system will be established from a "private" point of view. In order to secure safe navigation after the integration of ports administration, "Bisan Seto Seaway Security Association" (tentative) will be founded.

Utilization of steel slag to recover sea environment of Seto Inland Sea: Steel slag, by-products of steelmaking, will be utilized to improve the sea environment of sea gravel extracted site with a view to contributing to "Environmental restoration of clean and beautiful Seto Inland Sea."

[Effect of International Bulk Strategic Port Policy]
<Logistic cost reduction effect>

By the full loading of Setouchimax as a result of port upgrade and by the establishment of efficient quadratic transportation system through collaboration, the following amount of cost is expected to be reduced: <> Approximately 4.7 billion yen (Approximately 5.4 billion yen) in 2015, <> Approximately 6.9 billion yen (Approximately 7.6 billion yen) in 2020. The amounts in the brackets are the cases of Kure Port only, with the utilization of VLOCs via the Philippines.
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