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China's Exports/Imports Of Molybdenum July 2011 - Excess Of Imports
= Exports at 1.53 million pounds vs. Imports at 1.78 million pounds =
According to China's Customs Statistics of July 2011, July balance of trades of molybdenum was excess of imports, following June. Exports were 1.532 million pounds, while imports were 1.785 million pounds. Details during the seven months from January to July 2011 together with the figures of the single month of July 2011 are as per the attached table hereto.

China's molybdenum monthly trade balance recorded excess of exports during the five consecutive months from January this year, but it turned to excess of imports in June, followed by July.

Nevertheless, the total of the exports and the imports during the seven months from January through July showed excess of exports, i.e. exports: 15.097 million pounds, imports: 10.512 million pounds. Despite the increasing monthly imports in 2011, the aggregate of the imports during the first seven months of 2011 were far less, by 62.2%, than those during the same period of 2010. As to the exports, it is to be noted that the figure (19.68 million pounds) recorded during the first seven months of 2010 was mostly because of the resale (export) of the excess material in stock accumulated through speculative buying in 2009 by merchants, in order to rebalance, by the export, the supply/demand situation in China.

In China, several molybdenum mines are now being developed and there is a good possibility that demand for molybdenum will shift to rely on domestic supplies rather than imports in the near future. The heat of imports occurred in 2009 seems unlikely to happen again.
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