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Russia Ni-based SUS Scraps Export Steadily Recovering On European Buys
= 47,120 tons of total exports during January through July, up 2.7 times year-on-year =
Until 2006, Russia's exports of nickel based SUS scraps had been in the range of 200,000 - 300,000 tons per year and were a fairly big source for Europe, but decline started in 2007 to reach the bottom at 25,000 tons in 2010. This year, however, is a year of rebound for the Russian exports.

Details of the exports from Russia during the seven months (January through July 2011) and in the single month of July were, according to the nation's trade statistics, as per the table attached hereto.

Total exports in July were 6,968 tons, down to below half compared to the preceding month, but the seven month total upto July was 47,120 tons, a big rise of 2.7 times compared to the same period of 2010. This seven month aggregate already exceeded the annual (12-month) export quantities in 2009 (25,338 tons) and in 2010 (32,900tons).

The export details by destination show that the remarkable rebound was mainly thanks to the increased quantity shipped out to Europe, i.e. to Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. Finland which used to be a big importer of the scraps from Russia held only a very small share.
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