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Japan's Domestic Nickel Production, August 2011
= Nickel Metal up by 5.3% year-on-year =
According to the Steel Statistics Monthly of August 2011, Japan's domestic nickel production (on nickel metal content basis) during the month was as per the attached table hereto. Breakdown production by item was, nickel metal: 3,647 tons, and ferronickel: 5,548 tons (production of ferronickel on material basis was 26,686 tons). Compared to August of 2010, metal production was up by 5.3%, while ferronickel was down by 7.6%.

This month's drop in ferronickel production was mainly because of the summertime power supply restriction. Hachinohe Refinery of Pacific Metal, which resumed production in June after the Earthquake of March 11 and was ramping up to full-scale production in July, was no exception.
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