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BHP Billiton Had Strong Results For The First Half Year Of YEJ 2012
= Iron ore sector accounts for 50.3% of EBIT =
According to BHP Billiton report for the first half year of YEJ2012, (July - December 2011), the company achieved increases both in revenue and profit as follows: Revenue US$37,480 million, Profit from operations (Underlying EBIT) US$15,689 million, Attributable profit US$9,941 million. By sector, iron ore sector continuously showed strong results, accounting for 32.4% of total revenue and 50.4% of total EBIT. EBIT margin reached 65.0%. Basic earnings per share turned out to be US$1.868, and interim dividend per share increased by 9.0 US cents from 46.0 US cents for the same time the previous year to 55.0 US cents.
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