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Vale's Iron Ore Production At 323 Million Tonnes In 2011
= Iron ore production from Carajás totaled 109.795 million tonnes =
According to Vale's production report 2011 announced by the company on Feb 15, Vale had iron ore production of 120.153 million tonnes at Southeastern System (up 2.8% from the previous year), 5.583 million tonnes at Midwestern System (up 32.7%, same), 76.253 million tonnes at Southern System (up 2.1%, same) and 109.795 million tonnes at Northern System (up 8.5%, same) which totaled 311.784 million tonnes (up 5.0%, same). Adding the production volume of Brazil's pellet producer Samarco (Vale's attributable production of 50%), iron ore production totaled 322.632 million tonnes (up 4.8%, same) and pellet production totaled 51.822 million tonnes (up 5.8%, same), both breaking the previous records. Carajás is Vale's leading source of iron ore, and will be further expanded to 140Mtpa.

Total output of Oman was 2.097 million tonnes in 2011 when the two plants started operation. Production volume was lower then planned in 4Q as a consequence of a stoppage in line of plant number one to adjust pellet quality parameters. Also, due to temporarily weak global demand conditions, caused primarily by the recession in Europe, pellet production was reduces in 4Q. Iron ore production by mine and company is as below.
data image
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