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Japan 2011 Crude SUS Output Down 1.9% Y-O-Y
= 3.584 million tons; small recovery in December from November =
Crude stainless steel output in 2011 (January - December) by the major seven SUS mills was 3.584 million tons, down by 1.9% from 3.650 million tons of 2010. In November 2011, the monthly output sharply dropped, but it slightly recovered to 270,979 tons in December, up by 3.8% from November.

Serious influence of strong yen was obvious over the export business of SUS products, and the mills were compelled to curtail output due to much less incoming orders. This tendency is very likely to continue as long as the Japanese currency keeps the high level against U.S. Dollars.

As said above, output of 2011 dropped just a little, by 1.9% from 2010, but such a small year-on-year drop was basically thanks to the comparatively high output during the first half of 2011. The reality is that the output was stagnated in the second half and the mills were forced to enter full-scale curtailment from November.
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