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Japan Imports Spot LNG From Atlantic Basin At US$17-18s In Jan
=Slightly down compared to prices of cargoes arrived last December
According the LNG import statistics by port in January, which was announced by the Ministry of Finance (Japan), spot cargoes from Atlantic Basin were imported at about US$17-18s/MMBTU in the month. Since prices of cargoes arrived in December ranged from the high US$18 to US$19s/MMBTU, the spot prices in January slightly came down from the previous month.

In January, total 986,000 MT of LNG in 16 cargoes was imported to Japan from Atlantic Basin such as Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Egypt.

These cargoes were received at seven ports in Japan, consisting of three cargoes at Niigata, situated on Sea of Japan side of northern Japan, three cargoes at Kawasaki, three cargoes at Kisarazu, both in Tokyo Bay, three cargoes at Himeji, one cargo at Sakai, both in western Japan, one cargo at Tobata and two cargoes at Oita port, both in Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan.

Judging from the ports of arrival, it can be inferred that these cargoes were procured by Tohoku Electric Power Company, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Kansai Electric Power Company and Kyushu Electric Power Company.

Of these, LNG cargoes from Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea were imported through Kawasaki, Kisarazu and Himeji at US$17s/MMBTU. The prices of cargoes from Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, that arrived at Tobata and Himeji, ranged from US$18.01 to US$18.64/MMBTU.

Meanwhile, in January, one cargo each entered Niigata port from Norway, Algeria and Equatorial Guinea. All of these cargoes were purchased at the low US$18/MMBTU.

On the other hand, a cargo from Egypt through Himeji was priced at US$14.28/MMBTU, which is far below the prices of the above-mentioned cargoes. While a cargo from Peru was procured at low price of US$16.88/MMBTU, a cargo from Yemen through Oita was imported at comparatively high price of US$19.21/MMBTU.
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