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China Silicon Metal January Exports Down 13%
= 36,996 tons in January; major importers except Japan took less than in December =
According to China's Customs Statistics, exports of silicon metal (Si<99.99%) during January were as per the table attached hereto.

Exports in January were 36,996 tons, down by 13.1% from December. Exports usually drop during the month of New Year Holidays in China, and this year was not an exception.

Most of the major destinations except Japan and Netherlands took less in January than in the preceding month. Breakdown by destination is, <> Japan: 16,168 tons (up by 17.3% from December), <> Korea: 5,808 tons (down 21.1%), Netherlands: 2,083 tons (up by 3.7 times), <> Kuwait: 1,704 tons (up 11.7%), <> Russia; 1,700 tons (down 10.7%), <> Thailand: 1,171 tons (down 26.0%), <> Canada: 860 tons (down 63.2%), <> U.K.: 742 tons (down 66.8%), <> U.A.E.: 648 tons (down 76.8%). As said above, the less number of business days in January 2012 due to the New Year Holidays (January 22 - 28) was one of the reasons of the decrease compared to December, plus the drop in the exports to Korea Canada, U.A.E and U.K. was a big negative impact, when aggregated, over the monthly volume, despite the increases in the exports to Japan and Netherlands.

USITC (U.S. International Trade Commission) is to conduct a Sunset Review about the antidumping duty on silicon metal from China. Some market watchers view that the order is likely to be extended, as the possibility is slim that the antidumping duty is revoked.
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