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The 13th Japan-Korea Steel Dialogue To Be Held In Tokyo On Apr. 5
The 13th Japan-Korea Steel Dialogue is set to be held in Tokyo on April 5. Such dialogue is usually held in May but this time, it is held one month ahead of schedule. In this backdrop, there is a movement for the Korean steel industry to file an antidumping case against Japan's blast furnace steel products such as steel plates and hot-rolled steel coils over steel trade between Japan and Korea while in Japan, as import of steel products from Korea is largely increasing which is believed to be one of factors to curb the upward trend of the steel market by many, it is the fact that the Japanese steel industry is observing for Japan to be forced to consider some sort of restriction measures on imports if that from Korea continues to increase.

It will be the best way to solve such trade dispute between Japan and Korea by a dialogue as much as possible. For this reason, such dialogue is to be held a month earlier in order to solve such friction as soon as possible.

Meantime, before Korea, the Japan-Thailand Steel Dialogue has bee decided to be held in Tokyo on March 29. Such steel dialogue with Thailand was postponed last year due to the Thai massive floods. In December last year, the special steel dialogue (the Thai side called so) was held by secretariats of the steel industries and governments as the Thai tariff-free quota of importing steel products for the year 2012 must be set. Senior government officials and executives of the steel industries did not attended the meeting. With this, the Japan-Thailand Steel Dialogue which is usually held in the beginning of autumn is also set ahead of schedule.
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