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China's Steel Export In Jan./Tinplate Export Decreased By 40% From Dec.
China's export quantity of ordinary steel products by item in January this year was revealed. It was compiled by a source based on the data released by the General Administration of China Customs. According to this, export quantity of steel products in January was 3,498 thousand tons, down 0.2% from the previous month which dipped below 4 million tons following December last year. Out of these, decrease of cold-rolled and electrical steel sheets/coils is remarkable while export of steel bars, wire rods and so on increased.

By item, as for long products, export of steel shapes and sections was 246 thousand tons, up 7.9% from the previous month, bars 362 thousand tons, up 19.9% ditto, and wire rods 252 thousand tons, also up 19.4% ditto. And, that of steel plates was 25 thousand tons, up 31.6% ditto.

As for flat products, export of hot-rolled steel coils was 11 thousand tons, up 22.2% ditto which recovered to the level of 10 thousand tons for the first time in 5 months. While, that of cold sheets/coils was 211 thousand tons, down 16.9% ditto, galvanized steel sheets/coils 273 thousand tons, up 4.6% ditto, steel tinplates 41 thousand tons, largely down 39.7% ditto which was the lowest quantity of export for this past year. That of electrical sheets/coils was 17 thousand tons, also down 39.3% ditto, and alloyed steel sheets 673 thousand tons, down 7.9% ditto. Other than these, that of pipes/tubes was 704 thousand tons, down 15.6% ditto.

By export destination in January, export to Japan was 64 thousand tons, up 14.3% ditto, to Korea 767 thousand tons, also up 21.9% ditto, and to Taiwan 44 thousand tons, down 12.0% ditto. For the ASEAN countries, export to Thailand was 155 thousand tons, down 6.6% ditto, to Vietnam 168 thousand tons, up 1.8% ditto, and to Philippines 117 thousand tons, largely up 72.1% ditto.

Export to the EU was 223 thousand tons, down 9.7% ditto which decreased for 6 months in a row, and dropped to less than half of that in July last year (558 thousand tons). That to the USA was 92 thousand tons, down 17.1% ditto, to Central and South America 351 thousand tons, also down 17.0% ditto, and to Africa 218 thousand tons, also down 26.9% ditto. That to Oceania was 105 thousand tons, up 72.1% ditto which crossed the mark of 100 thousand tons for the first time in this past year.
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