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Japan Manganese Group Ferroalloys 2011 Supply/Demand
= Imports of medium/low-carbon ferromanganese increased =
Details of supply and demand in Japan during the calendar year of 2011 of manganese group ferroalloys are as per the table attached hereto. The details show that compared to 2010, (i) production of medium/low-carbon ferromanganese and silico-manganese increased by 1.1% and 5.2% respectively, while that of high-carbon ferromanganese slightly dropped by 0.4%, (ii) consumption of the three alloys all declined by 0.1 - 2.2%, and (iii) imports of high-carbon ferromanganese dropped by 9.1% and those of silico-manganese also dropped, slightly though, on the other hand, imports of medium/low-carbon ferromanganese largely increased, by 64.8%.

Although high-carbon ferromanganese production slid a little, domestic production of the alloys was basically firm, to meet the firm demand from crude steel production especially during the first 6 months.

However the drop in consumption of the three alloys reflected the decline in Japan's crude steel production to 107.60 million tons over the year, down by 1.8% from 2010. For reference, steel production of EF mills in 2011 was up, by 4.2% from 2010.

The sharp increase in the imports of medium/low-carbon ferromanganese was a kind of correcting move from the sharply lower imports in 2010 than its preceding year.
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