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TEPCO Increases Its LNG Receipts In Feb By 32% To 2.22 Mil MT
=Its receipt and consumption of all fuels sharply rose from a year ago
According to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), its receipt of LNG in February 2012 as a fuel for power generation reached 2,222,000 MT with an increase of 540,000 MT (34.1%) from the same month of the previous year.

This is the second largest quantity after 2,305,000 MT it received in August 2011. Its consumption in February also rose by 384,000 MT (24.3%) from a year before to 1,966,000 MT.

The cumulative LNG receipts during April 2011-February 2012 went up 17.3% to 21,884,000 MT and the consumption during the same period also rose by 17.6% to 20,815,000 MT from the corresponding period of the preceding year.

Unit 5 at Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant was closed for turnaround at the end of January. As a result, only unit 6 at the power plant has been in operations among TEPCO's nuclear power plants and dependance on thermal power generation has been further enhanced.

Partly for this reason, TEPCO's receipt and consumption of not only LNG but also crude and fuel oils, and coal sharply rose in the month compared to those in the prior year.
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