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Japan Hot-Rolled SUS January Production Slightly Recovers
According to the data released by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on March 14, details of the output of hot-rolled stainless steel during January 2012 were as per the table attached hereto.

The table shows total production in January was 217,805 tons, up by 10.9% from December 2011 - a small recovery from December of temporarily dropped, but still lower than in the same month of 2011 by 19.4% and than the monthly average in 2011 of 244,193 tons,

Breakdown of production by alloy category was as follows, <> Cr-alloyed group stainless steel: 105,471 tons (Cr-alloyed: 88,542 tons and Cr/Mo-alloyed: 16,929 tons), up by 24.4% from the preceding month, <> Ni-alloyed group stainless steel: 112,334 tons (Cr/Mn-alloyed: 3,679 tons, Ni/Cr-alloyed: 85,511 tons, Ni/Cr/Mo-alloyed: 23,144 tons), up by 0.6% from December 2011, <> other special steel: 5,481 tons. Production of Cr-alloyed group recovered substantially, but that of Cr/Mn-alloyed (200's) and Ni/Cr (300's) alloyed declined. Demand for Cr/Mn alloyed was still weak, while the price rise in LME nickel price and higher prices of the Ni/Cr-alloyed may have caused less incoming orders, slowing its production.

End-January inventory of all these stainless steel alloys at the mills was 125,286 tons in total, up by 2.1% from end-December, and the same of other special steel was 3,747 tons, up by 6.8% from the preceding month. The inventory did not increase so much as anticipated, despite the increase of the production in January and lower exports during the month than in December.
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