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KOGAS Sells 4.19 Mil MT Of LNG In Feb, Up 26%
=Its sales for power sector rose by 30% from a year ago
According to Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), the company sold 4,194,000 MT of LNG in February 2012 with an increase of 852,000 MT (25.5%) from the same month of the previous year. In the month, its sales for power sector sharply rose by 386,000 MT (29.9%) to 1,677,000 MT, while those for city gas sector also rapidly grew by 466,000 MT (22.7%) to 2,517,000 MT from the corresponding month of the preceding year.

As a result, the cumulative sales during January-February 2012 totalled 8,472,000 MT, up 243,000 MT (3.0%), consisting of 5,183,000 MT sold for city gas sector, up 168,000 MT (3.3%) and 3,289,000 MT for power sector, up 75,000 MT (2.3%) from the same period of the prior year.
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