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China Ferroalloys February Production Up 21%
= From January of low output due to the Holidays =
Reportedly according to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, total output of ferroalloys in February 2012 was 2.3 million tons, up by some 20% from 1.9 million ton output in the preceding month. These figures are however to be taken as approximates or estimates for the time being as they may well differ from the aggregates of the output figures by province/city to be released soon.

These estimates indicate that the January 2012 output, 1.9 million tons was marginally higher than 1.89 million tons of January 2011, despite the sluggish demand and the one-week holiday for the New Year, and the February 2012 output was healthily higher than that of February 2011.

Some market sources view that output in March and April will be lower compared to the current months, because prices of most of the ferroalloys are forecasted to stay low due to still weak demand, prompting producers to continue or to resume curtailment in order to minimize risks.

For reference power rates in those provinces where the rates have been raised due to the seasonal factors, the dry season, may stay as they are now in Sichuan for another while until May or the dry season is fully over and water level becomes sufficiently high, while in the southern China it is expected that the dry season will be over soon and the power costs will be normalized (lower) before long.
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