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TEPCO Receives About 24 Mil MT Of LNG In FY 2011
=Up 15% from a year ago, with its facilities being fully operated
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is expected to receive about 24 million MT in fiscal year 2011 with an increase of 3.21 million MT (15.4%) from a year before. Taking into account its capacity for thermal power generation and the capacity to receive LNG, the volume it had received already reached max level.

In case Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant should resume operations in the future, its LNG receipt would be reduced. However, it is hard for TEPCO to increase the receipt in view of its capacity at the moment. Therefore, the possible shortage of power generated at LNG-fired-thermal power stations from now would be covered by electricity generation at oil-fired as well as coal-fired thermal power stations.

TEPCO has procured most LNG additionally required based on short/medium term contracts. Accordingly, the ratio of its procurement on spot basis to its total contract volume is comparatively low.

However, since TEPCO's LNG handling volume is so large, its monthly procurement might reach 4-5 cargoes, depending on electricity demand.

On account of accidents at nuclear power plants in Fukushima, LNG will be required over a long period of time, while possibility of Kashiwazaki Nuclear Power Plant being put back into operations still remains. Instead of fixing all necessary quantity by contracts, TEPCO plans to procure LNG in FY 2012 with some choice for procurement on spot basis.
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