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Roof Air Raising Of No.4 LNG Tank Conducted At Ogishima Plant
The roof air raising work for No.4 LNG underground storage tank was conducted at Ogishima plant on March 26th, which is the LNG import terminal of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Air began to be supplied into the tank from 8:40 a.m. The roof assembled on the bottom of the tank was gradually lifted and reached the uppermost part around 5:00 p.m. From now, the tank inside wall will be attached by refrigerant and then, coated with membranes, and the upper part of the tank will be covered by soil. Through such process, the tank is expected to be put into operations from November 2013.

The storage capacity of No.4 tank is 250,000 KL, which is the world's biggest one. In addition to three tanks, having capacity of 200,000 KL each, a LPG tank with capacity of 60,000 KL, which is used to increase heat, are stationed at Ogishima plant at the moment. When No.4 LNG tank is completed, LNG storage capacity at the plant will be expanded to 850,000 KL.

According to the construction schedule, the work to seal the tank will be finished in July 2013. In August, LNG is to be put into the tank from the upper part to cool down the inside. It is anticipated that the tank will be ready to receive LNG at the end of August. Incidentally, total cost of constructing No.4 tank is estimated to be about 20 billion Yen.

Beside that, Tokyo Gas is scheduled to add two LNG vaporizers to its LNG import terminal Sodegaura plant in December 2012. Furthermore, the company plans to construct new LNG terminal in Hitachi city, Ibaragi prefecture in March 2016. In addition to these main production facilities, it has a plan to spend 709.5 billion Yen during the period of five years from fiscal 2012 to fiscal 2016 as an investment in supply equipments such as pipelines, etc.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Gas will make an effort to expand sales of natural gas and will increase its sales of gas at the rate of 3.6% per year for the next five years. It expects to raise its annual sales to 16.02 billion cubic meters by FY 2016, while its sales in FY 2011 is estimated to be 13.412 billion cubic meters. As a consequence, it is anticipated that the company will consume 11.06 million MT of LNG and 0.9 million MT of LPG as feedstock in FY 2016, while 10,223,000 MT of LNG and 301,000 MT of LPG are expected to be consumed by the company in FY 2011.
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