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Taiwan's MOF Has Started AD Investigation Against Japanese NO Electrical Sheets
According to information obtained by a source, the Taiwanese government (the Ministry of Finance, MOF) noticed publicly to have started the antidumping (AD) investigation against non-oriented (NO) electrical steel sheets imported from Japan. The public notice was dated on March 26. The Ministry of Economy will investigate within 40 days whether there is any damage or not, and in response to such investigation, the MOF seems to decide its conclusion within 70 days.

With respect to the AD issue against the Japanese NO electrical sheets exported to Taiwan, CSC filed the AD case to the MOF in November last year. However, the MOF did not accept such file as a deficiency in documents even coming into this year. However, the MOF was to have accepted such file, and started its investigation. The AD duties against NO electrical sheets from Japan demanded by CSC are 17.12%.

Japan's export quantity of electrical sheets to Taiwan was 27.9 thousand tons in calendar 2011 for both grain-oriented and NO electrical sheets which decreased by 23.2% from the previous year. As for quantity, it will not become a major problem. As for price, export prices of NO sheets in the markets of China and so on are largely collapsing. Against this, the domestic prices in China are dropping due to import pressure from Taiwan and so on but such prices are surely higher than those for export. Therefore, it is said to satisfy partly the AD conditions. However, the Taiwanese government has limited its investigation on low grade of NO electrical sheets.

Meantime, CSC filed the AD sues against steel plates from India and Korea, cold-rolled steel sheets from Korea, and boron added plates and cold sheets from China besides the Japanese NO electrical sheets, which were accepted simultaneously. The AD duties of 38.35% against Indian plates, 35.89% against Korean plates, 34.16% against Chinese cold sheets, and 30.28% against Korean cold sheets have been demanded to be imposed by CSC.
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