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Tokyo Gas And Saibu Gas Concludes LNG SPA
=300,000 MT of LNG will be supplied to Hibiki LNG terminal from FY 2014
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and Saibu Gas Co., Ltd. on March 27th announced that LNG sale and purchase agreement (SPA) was concluded between Tokyo Gas as a seller and Saibu Gas as a buyer.

After exchange of views based on the basic agreement made by both companies in September 2011, the contract was finally concluded. Tokyo Gas is to sell 300,000 tons per year of LNG to Saibu Gas on the basis of Ex-Ship over 30-year period from fiscal 2014 through fiscal 2029.

Tokyo Gas will sell a part of LNG cargoes, which the company will purchase, to Saibu Gas. Saibu Gas will receive these LNG cargoes at Hibiki LNG terminal located in Wakaba-ku, Kita Kyushu. The terminal is currently under construction.

Hibiki LNG terminal is the large-sized LNG terminal that Saibu Gas constructs for the first time. The commencement of operations at the terminal is slated for November 2014.
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